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You can call them "movie three boy", because they have a common characteristic: both on a theme particularly fascinated by the story while doing a film director, eventually reached a wish, flowering to three sets film as a reincarnation ...... Sam Raimi bear the brunt of the line side by side with him is a New Zealand film director Peter Jackson and Bryan Singer urchin - even "X-Men 3" ultimate easy to master, can not wipe the brake in which he played a key role. Trio make the final "finishing" work Sam Raimi is doing my "Spider King", the former two "Spider-Man" in the global swept up $ 1.6 billion, it is no wonder that "Spider-Man 3" will hit a record into the $ 250 million upfront investment. Sam Raimi really admire the calm little strong, because he's evasive style ambiguous answer, the "Spider-Man 4" rumors flying, I do not fly this thing, after all, "Shibuguosan" has become a lot of sensible acting director guidelines.

Spectrum character relationships

Two women Two Ladies

Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst ornaments)

"Spider-Man 2" in the last Mary Jane's restless, has heralded the emergence of new problems. Clothes are poisonous spider, Peter Parker corroded brain gradually show the dark side of the heart, made a mistake he was unwilling to face, which makes Mary Jane unbearable, she was able to face the bad guys and dangerous, but can not tolerate arrogance and Peter arrogant, and, because of her acting career, "Spider-Man" the identity of his girlfriend suffered an unprecedented blow, coupled with Peter sit on the fence, Harry Osborne has always been brave and have stepped ...... assertive Mary Jane gave everyone admired the "Spider-Man" adults.

Gwen Sitan Xi (Bryce Dallas Howard ornaments)

If you read the original comics, you should know the role of the "Spider-Man" plays a vital role in how she even prior to the Mary Jane and Peter Parker love ...... In fact, Sam Raimi also consider letting her appeared in the first episode of the "Spider-Man", but is considering her eventual death of the "Spider-Man" had a decisive influence on her appearance was delayed time. Gwen Si Tanxi frantically worship of "Spider-Man" because he had saved her, she naively outspoken, willing to sacrifice a loved one, and Mary Jane are two different personalities of the girl. Original, she died in the hands of the Green Devils to a movie, she can only son died in the hands of the Green Goblin.

Three enemy Three Villains

Sandman (Thomas Haden Church ornaments)

"Spider-Man" series of the most attractive place is good and bad side, the bad guys have a good side. "Sand Man" is definitely a pitiful and pathetic typical villain, either because he killed the "Spider-Man," the uncle, should not have been so cruelly treated. But his appearance, is to "salvation", died in the "Spider-Man" in the hands, but also be a relief.

"Sand people" super powers unusually strong, not only can become quicksand arbitrarily change the appearance, but also the body desertification, resolve each other's attack, I really do not know, "Spider-Man" in the end what is the way to kill with such a feeling never die freak. Only know that the "sand people" and "Spider-Man" thrilling fight scenes, definitely better than "Spider-Man 2" in the fighting part of the train pretty much.

Green Goblin (James Franco ornaments)

Eventually inherited the mantle of his father, Harry Osborn completely schizophrenic edge, perhaps this is a poisonous spider refused to choose his clothes reason, because he did not Eddie's cool calm. In fact, he and Peter Parker's main conflict is not derived from his father's enemies, but the character of the two differences led to this result, coupled with the small pampered, successive failures completely crushed his will, but this is His opportunity to rediscover themselves. After Peter and Harry decided to retaliate, using the despised by most people villain acts: a destination close to the enemy's girlfriend - Mary Jane Watson.

Tarantula (Christopher Grace ornaments)

Mami is Eddie Brock, a clever cunning photographer, Peter Parker's colleagues at the newspaper, dressed, really know how to discuss women's favor. Eddie and Peter's no connection between this, persevering be poisonous spider clothes gradually control the brain has also been Huahuachangzai Peter did. Although the side has been accompanied by Mary Jane, but he also took a fancy to Eddie woman Gwen Si Tanxi ...... So, Eddie endless resentment because of the development of a second self, then clothes phase of poisonous spiders, as Spider-Man greatest enemy - poisonous spider. Eddie will be given with Peter very similar super powers, but worse, Peter, there is like a father to the guidelines uncle, Eddie did not. Eddie this role is another possibility Peter assumption: If the "Spider-Man" super ability to completely fall into the wrong hands, what will happen? Ultimately poisonous spiders clothing will be like the comic Eddie Brock as abandoned? The answer is yes, it is bound to actor Christopher Grace naked it.

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