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[They are the "Spider-Man 3" indispensable backstage]

In order to ensure the film is both safe and spectacular action scenes, the production team behind the scenes there are so two people, played a decisive role contributed, they are stunt master John R Fraser (John R. Frazier) and the second assistant director Dan Bradley (Dan Bradley). But where Fraser continuously for three "Spider-Man" worked veteran level figures, he said: "I wanted to make one like" Spider-Man 3 "on this scale action movie, scene design from the initial count since, at least to work for more than nine months or longer. "

Produced so many stunt scenes, John R Fraser not try to only one set of scenarios was most satisfied with, and that is what has happened in the "Spider-Man" and "sand people" of that field between the thrilling battle ...... But this Fraser is not a person's credit, in improving this part of the scene, Sam Raimi, 丹布拉德利 combined effects master 斯科特斯多克 Dick have played a significant role. Scene begins with a "sand people" by the burst pipe in the water column ejected sudden attack, was eventually rushed to the subway leading to the sewer. Remy's imagination with the initial setup, the "sand people" in force under the impact of giant water must be completely melted.

Once the new version of the "Poseidon" excessive field shipwreck scene design by John R Fraser said: "This is what I produced all the films, the largest group of water scenes, we used about 50,000 gallons of water , then the scene Earth 50 feet away from an apparatus in the pipe is ejected from ...... However, modification of the intermediate hollow tube section where a security of the flow restrictor so as to fully control the size of the water column. with off the water can be recycled through the pump, the pump flow is one thousand gallons per minute, that is, we only need five minutes can be used to refill the water pitcher, ready for the next re-shoot. "A total of eight hidden camera scenes together for this group of services, at the same time, there is no real person, only a digital person, 斯科特斯多克 Dick said:" As' Spider-Man 'found' sand people 'weakness is water, so making this group will effectively suppress' Sandman' ability to approach, but here we have to use an entirely CG made 'sand people' because the resulting water enormous pressure, not Thomas Haden Church, or any one stuntman can bear, she says.

bradely view appears to vary with John R Fraser, his favorite scene is Peter Parker and Harry Osborn family fights that a portion of the chamber. Although previous two super hero has played against in the air, but the feeling here is completely different. Bradley said: "This will be a great war, because it is between two people that pure melee combat. Different is that the warring parties were once treated like brothers love each other, they have a lot between shared memories, but because of the fact that confusion, misunderstanding, and immature, ending a friendship between them, began to hurt each other. "Sam Raimi right here also have their own insights, not the kind of place he wants between superheroes Competition ability, but a bit like two friends because of friction and quarreling face ...... I believe the audience from Peter and Harry who find themselves and their friends vaguely when dealing shadow.

Of course, the film also has John R Fraser and bradely like the part that the two of them joined together to create a bank robbery that field ...... Here, there is a security guard became the "sand people" vent anger the victim, and his actor is none other than the producer Grant Curtis. Each Here, Bradley will not help mischievous laugh: "As a producer, Curtis seems to have the potential to become a very 'miser', which is responsible for the bank guards have cash transport the same purpose, so Sam Raimi caught Curtis personality characteristics in this respect, special arrangements for such a role, and then invited him to stay for a few days the studio, playing a lot of sand that were eventually buried in the following armored car guards. "Curtis seems to be very frankly accepted his" destiny "because of his decades of working together with Remy experience, any argument is meaningless.

This set the scene in a very spectacular way to start: "Sand Man" armored fist smashed the roof - in fact, he was shattered by the Fraser and his production team together to complete a foam armored vehicles, about eight feet high and six feet wide, and also 500 pounds. Then, the "sand man" from the body split countless sand flow to Curtis about face rushed over ...... he was buried alive. Here's armored car shooting need to raise and tilt angle of 50 degrees, so that the sand can be poured out, even with foolproof measures, but Curtis's role was bound to bear some of the weight of the sand - to the actual shooting time, the filmmakers found themselves down in the sand is not a child even fishing, but lightweight ear of corn, it was able to come up with Fraser cleverly disguised as a substitute for sand.

Of course, using this recipe for corn was not immediately think of, the first conducted a thorough study is costume designer James Acheson (James Acheson). After all, as the designer responsible for the appearance of one character, Acheson in pre-production when you need to address some key issues. For example, if a person is composed of sand, he looks should look like? His face should be bumpy, or very smooth? His clothes should also composed of sand? So he brought in from all over the world to compare different sand and experiments in the study soon discovered a series of insurmountable problems: First, import the sand is a very expensive transaction; Secondly, the weight of the sand for the actor and substitute it is very dangerous ...... Thus, the use of corn becomes a perfect choice, because it is safe and effective: It looks exactly the same and sand, but not to the weight of the sand half.

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