I'm Batman

Yesterday evening, I looked back and forth in the night sky bat, heart has infinite envy. Night waking from a dream, I found myself in the air gliding. Wow, I'm Batman nightwing costume for sale.

The street is very quiet at night, and I can freely float in the air. Suddenly, in front of red light flashing, the original police are dispatched, even the original one thief stole into the bank. Police had surrounded him, but the cunning thief or advantage of the loophole, went to the forest.

The forest is very dark at night, the police were kept yelling, but there is no way to get the thief. I put it all in the air and see clearly. I would want to play the game once the police catch the thief, and now I can help just cops it. The hand on hand. I fell from the sky, the thief kicked dizzy, sleepy take a firm root string, threw him at the police station. Surrounded by forest and the police who heard the message coming from the bureau immediately to withdraw the encirclement: "It seems that this thief is ripe in iniquity, God will punish him."

Top of the building late at night, there are personal video shaking, it seems to jump off. My heart pounding, shouting: "Do not jump, do not ......" But that figure had jumped out to fall like a stone. I accelerated the speed of flight, put the figure turned hugged, secure in the fall to the ground. This is neatly dressed young man, he was pale, had fainted. I'm down, high downstairs people immediately surrounded me nightwing costume for sale, he kept thanked me: "Superman ah, thanks to you." I said: "Life is precious, how can we not cherish it?"

Young relatives he picked up, I'm afraid entangled, while their hectic time, secretly flew away.

Flying a shelter when I keen ears heard someone shout "help ah! Help." Carefully identify, I discovered that someone was stuck in the elevator. Because the dead of night, no one has found. I flew next to the elevator, said: "Do not worry, I think of a way."

I took a chainsaw from the workplace, facing the elevator bars saw it. A little while, I'll saw off the crossbar, and let the people inside crawl out.

Dawn, I must go back, because I changed back to the day an ordinary schoolboy.

If you are in the night sky and saw a figure on the wing, you can Do not be surprised, that was my - Batman chivalric.

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