If I were Spider-Man

We predation, the first good cloth dragnet, wait a few bugs to "internet", do not react too heavy, we'll have "on line", ran in front of it, even if they are with a "gun", "system", I pack will be a "mummy" But there are failures, like "gunship" a kind of beetles, not only great strength, but also a diversion, six legs turn to escape, finally Shetenglebantian, or let it run, it seems this "anti-virus software," and I was flat. My greatest fear is that these "hackers sniper" -? Potter wasp. We sometimes think that this guy let the network has "geek" offer, but on our first-class, this guy took us to catch that dangerous.

Memories hour "on line" really fun, we climbed to the flowers on, until the wind when we "go back wind", but went along the silk sky. But now the fat, and not free "on line" was.

We say a must, it is still our "spider silk." Magical because it greatly: the human use of spider silk began in 1909, when the Second World War was used as a telescope spider silk, guns aiming optics system crosshair, but hilly disaster ┲ peptone copy share prop read private water chestnut steamed stumble Tong 5 stir? 0 after the 1990s began to spider silk protein gene composition, structure, morphology and mechanical properties with in-depth research, spider silk offers the possibility of commercial production. Physical and chemical properties of spider silk and silk, compared with a very distinct advantage in mechanical strength, spider silk fibers with the highest strength carbon fiber and high-strength synthetic fiber Aramid, Kelve, close to equal strength, but it's much better than the toughness several fibers. Therefore, the spider silk fiber in defense, military (body armor), construction and other fields have broad application prospects.

Some of our fellow non-woven mesh, like: it is a hidden hunter, but also a good defense ninja crab spider, is to intimidate predators. There is a hairy spider cannibal hordes. Finally is the fight in the mud on the tarantula. In fact, more than this.

In short, words and short, Spider-Man is ME.

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