I want to be Spider-Man

I want to be very special, but it makes sense, that is, when Spider-Man.

The reason I want to be Spider-Man, because I can watch TV on the Spider-Man fly, can also help a lot of people. For example: Last year, under the snow, causing a lot of the disaster, said on the news every day everywhere trapped by ice on the road, people can not go home. Many parts of the grid and highways, railways were destroyed by ice, electricity, water, people can not live a normal life. These are caused by snow and ice. Every time I look at this situation, it is sad to shed tears touched. Was secretly thinking: they really brave, strong, and I really admire. Now recall the scene on TV, the biggest disaster in Hunan, Jiangxi, Guizhou, that there is a broken wire tower, the cable is broken, there are three strong warrior to repair the tower. The process of being revised, suddenly, unfortunately, it happens, electrical towers fell, heavy pressure on the three soldiers who also shed a bright red blood. Is that moment, I really hope I can fly, when the tower fell down, put them onto another place to go, so be safe when their homes without electricity, I can lend a helping hand, to help them repair the tower. To snow to help them look to eliminate it. On the train encounters congestion, can help them to clear the roads so that the train normal driving, allowing passengers safe on go back to a happy and secure New Year.

This is my little desire to become a Spider-Man, everywhere chivalric, people who need help to bring warmth and hope.

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