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 "Kirsten Dunst is obviously a blonde, you Quefei let me put it this episode dyed red ...... finally appeared a blonde, but at least hundreds ten thousand Los Angeles blonde woman walking in the same time the street, why must pick a redhead? Are you afraid that things do not make-up artist too busy? "- For Sam Raimi and therefore the weight applied, picked a red-haired blonde actress to play Wenger Si Tanxi, makeup artist Lu Sha Yabo no choice but to complain about next.

"I was a kid look at" Spider-Man "comic, my mother always occur in a timely manner, asked me: do not do their homework? Did you expect it to grow up to give you a job?" - Christopher Grace Memories his childhood experience of watching cartoons, I did not expect, comics really gave him a well paid job.

"Many people have said to me," Spider-Man 2 "Peter and the newspaper that some scenes bargaining boss is very interesting, how about, you still want to see a similar concentration in the third dialogue do? Even though I assure you, there will be more interesting and worth a visit? "- Sam Raimi expressed repeatedly in the past is a dead end, even though in the past then great, then brilliant.

"For me, the important thing is not money, but Peter Parker, his to love Mary Jane Watson and his friend Harry Osborn ...... I think any anxiety and distraction are likely to develop into a difficult problem to solve. "- for $ 250 million investment in doubt, Sam Raimi's answer seemed a bit evasive.

"Spider-Man ready to continue to make people proud of his trip, he believes he has solved all the problems, but the fact that he is still the original stupid boy." - For unauthorized tampering with the original comics of the accused, Sam Raimi said he just wanted nothing more dramatic story.

"I belong to the original batch of 70s comics readers, and 'poisonous spider' appeared in the 1980s ...... I do not know him, he does not know who I am. Producer for which I was called Ivy Arrieta to the office 'lessons learned' a lot, and he told me the film is a kind of 'please' audience of art, now is the 1980s when the rise of comic book fans, after all, "Spider-Man" is everyone's fantasy, it does not belong I myself. "- Sam Raimi's implication is that the" poisonous spider "is not in his initial planning in.

[When 1,000 people towards the same goal when ......]

"Spider-Man" to three consecutive sets so dripping spider silk waving hands, Sony's graphics company has made undeniable contributions: This digital animation production team but had the first "Spider-Man" and received an Oscar nomination, and then In the second part, when the Oscars hides back home ...... so they are definitely a "Spider-Man 3" behind the CG production the best choice. One of the producers Laura Daes gold (Laura Ziskin) said: "According to projections progressive logic of" Spider-Man 3 "is without a doubt this series is currently the largest one, the director Sam Raimi ensure that we The next bet is the one that holds the largest odds, you need look no associated action scenes and digital special effects, you know what movie will be a huge project and it achieved a great ideal, you will saw more than 1,000 people for a common goal when brought amazing results. "

As for the graphics company's digital effects 斯科特斯多克 Dick (Scott Stokdyk) supervisor is allocated to manage the thousands of people in more than 200 animators and CG technical staff. In the film they are facing the biggest challenge is to go beyond the first two episodes of "self" and, indeed, "Spider-Man 3" is bound to have more roles, more villain, and "Spider-Man" adults Peter Parker, will also face greater obstacles in his life. Sam Raimi has a son like contests stubborn temper, be sure that all parts of the movie will be perfect convergence, but in the process, he also have to rely on the backbone of the production team behind the movie ...... but Sam Raimi thought that , CG for the action film, is a film full of fantasy color tool, it can not be done are some of the manpower for the part. But for humans to reach areas, Remy still hope to make the actors to complete it.

As a stand-in for the film's stunt has long been extremely well prepared, not to mention the actors, especially Bryce Dallas Howard (Bryce Dallas Howard), but ordinary Women Do not underestimate her, but personally completed even "Spider-Man" Tobey Maguire did not dare shoot according to the amount of special effects, one of the most terrifying time, no doubt she was hanging on a big floating on the hob, Howard described the situation: "This section is about a runaway crane poured into a mansion, it not only destroys everything, also hit the floor collapsed while my role Gwen Si Tanxi happen to work here, she followed the collapse of the floor with the fall of the several floors The height, in the middle trying to grab whatever she can catch the last thing, but failed ...... Later? course, is to be 'Spider-Man' took over, a safe landing. "This series of scenes shot is a part of the studio in Los Angeles complete, so Howard strong longing to go outdoors to complete the rest, including the "Spider-Man" holding leap whole neighborhood - you know, even the "Spider-Man" himself, are just a substitute, but Howard was personally complete that even the boys will be terrified of the high-flying stunt: "Shooting the greatest pleasure of such films is that you can choose to shoot some crazy stunt scenes, doing some in real life will never be the opportunity to do things I know at one hundred percent reliable security, and because the action director Sam Raimi and have been trying to protect us, so I can let go to try, very interesting, and stimulating terribly. "

Compared childish excitement Bryce Dallas Howard, "sand people" actor Thomas Haden Church (Thomas Haden Church) seems not so lucky, as he faced physical challenges, than Howard is much larger. Church needs to be done brutal challenges include: the air was suddenly stretched five feet; faces with mud to come up a close contact; by a group of mad Kuangzhui; leisurely at high altitude to swing; fall into the tracks of the on; fist face was beat up, broken into an a ...... Church found in the process of shooting, his body is always repeated bruises, because improper defense was really hit has become commonplace, but he This situation has been well prepared, because, like producer Grant Curtis (Grant Curtis) to say: "These injuries are not intentional, but the strange thing is, if someone accidentally injured in a fight scene , that person is always Church. "

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