Lakers latest odds to win the highest in the western Kobe MVP 1 lost 33

Beijing on February 20, Los Angeles Lakers [microblogging] poor record this season, their goal is not to go to a championship, but to fight for a playoff spot. But in gaming companies, the spiderman morphsuits still championship candidate team one, the fourth highest odds of the title race in the west, the league can be ranked in the first nine.

Lakers to 25 wins and 29 losses ranked No. 10 in the west and the rest of the season, their goal is to impact Western playoff spot. But Bo Wada gaming companies seems that the Lakers are still the team championship candidate. Their odds to win out, the Lakers lost 25 Odds # 9, the defending champion Miami Heat is the biggest popular, their odds are 2:1. The other teams in the Los Angeles Clippers [microblogging] recently performed well, their naturally pretty good odds, they ranked fourth 2:1 15.

In the west, the the west defending champion Oklahoma City Thunder 2:1 odds is considered the most popular of the Western Conference championship, their odds of winning 4 lost 13. Although the record led the league, but age is perhaps the biggest problem plagued the spiderman costumes, predominant in the west, the odds are 2:1, while the odds of winning again lost 6. Existing ranking to the Lakers, they can hardly be regarded as a strong contender for the Western Conference championship, Bo Wada company is still the Lakers out lose 12 western odds to win, this bit of western three teams after ranking in fourth, the Clippers lose 15 western odds to win the third.

The the odds MVP candidate Kobe Bryant [microblogging] - Bryant lose 33 in a 5, LeBron - James is the MVP Popular.

With the trade deadline approaching, the Lakers lineup change what will be difficult to determine. Although Kupchak said not transaction Howard, but Bryant's attitude, coupled with the death of the old Bath, which may affect the Lakers next step decisions, which have a direct impact be interested in the results of their remaining season.

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