All-Star practice the rocket long shot fine Zhunha Deng after two good brothers to go all out battle

Beijing Houston, February 20 (February 19) local time.Today is the second day of the Rockets for two consecutive days at home training. As you can see from the training ground, after two days of continuous training, the players have basically focus back to the game. Today's training very good players in long distance shooting high.

After training, high rich handsome spiderman morphsuits - Parsons accepted the reporters.

Parsons said in an interview admitted about to face a tough game, but we are ready. Will soon have to face Thunder forward Kevin - Durant [microblogging], high rich handsome good defensive Durant will be very hard. Durant is very high, but also very strong offensive and scoring ability, defense good Durant will be tomorrow night race a key.

For the outside comment Rockets age generally young problem when Chandler respond to: "Age is not much of a problem, we are in constant progress and we are the players of the NBA [microblogging], we can match constantly absorbed into the new stuff, it will eventually cause a good team against the Rockets. "high rich handsome in the next 27 games of the regular season, the team will seize every opportunity to win every a game. "Then we will not be pros and cons in victory or defeat, but to do our best to do my best in every game."

Upcoming vs. the former proprietor Thunder spiderman costumes main players James - Harden said in an interview before though about to face a gang of "good brothers", but he will still go all out. For tomorrow night's game, the bearded face just normal, he frankly will not be too many personal feelings mixed which.

Tomorrow evening (local time on the 20th), the Rockets will be at home against the Thunder.

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