All-Star locker room to get Bryant to find the music of their relationship completely rupture exposed Warcraft?

Beijing on February 20, Dwight - Howard joker no longer a secret, open some joke during the All-Star is also fully compliant with the atmosphere of entertainment, but this time he may open big joke. The New York Post broke the news today, and take advantage of Bryant [microblogging] - Bryant did not enter in the locker room before the All-Star, Howard put on his shirt, his best performances in front of the stars skill, good laugh about Kobe Bryant.

Broke the news that spiderman morphsuits was the first Bryant step into the locker room of the All-Star Game, and then he picked up the jersey and wore it began to imitate Kobe Bryant. Were present players including Chris - Paul [microblogging], Blake - Griffin [microblogging] and Kevin - Durant [microblogging] Howard constantly imitate Bryant in front of these people.

Bryant to enter the locker room after the scene was a little embarrassed, allegedly Bryant into the locker room with all the presence of players to play a greeting, just not who ignores Howard, organize their own equipment, Bryant is as far as possible away from the spiderman costumes farther as possible, without any exchange between the two men.

Yesterday, once a message is displayed, Bryant is very cold when it comes to the Lakers [microblogging] transaction Howard, said the team whether to keep him or trading him does not matter. Highlights of this All-Star Game during the exposure, the relationship between Bryant and Howard seems to have moved toward the irreparable extreme.

But they talked about these rumors, "NBC" has a different idea, they said before the All-Star locker room, in the end what happened no one can see, all broke the news yet not operands about Kobe Bryant and Howard reports of rupture is likely that those who wish to get Howard team by trading in which dirty tricks.

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