The History of Spider-Man’s Black Costume

Spidey's black costume gets weird
The Black Spiderman Costume was born in Secret Wars #8. Spidey wants to replace his much-torn costume but chooses the wrong costume machine, which released black blob covered his body and then transformed into the black costume.
Spidey discovers the black costume
Spidey discovers that the costume has the power to generate webbing, and returns to earth with his black costume in Amazing #252. He also discovers that it also has the power to change to appear as normal street clothing. However in the following few issues, the costume starts behaving quite strangely. 

In Spectacular Spider-Man #99, Felicia gives Peter a set of five cloth Black Costumes, and he wears the first one in Amazing #263. For the next couple of years, he alternates between the red and blue spiderman costumes, and the black spiderman outfit. Different writers had their own preferences, and often he used the black at night, and the red and blues during the day. 
Amazing Red and Blue Spandex Spiderman Morph Suit

Black Spiderman Costume Luckysuits

During a battle with the villain Magma Spidey's last remaining red-and-blue costume was destroyed. At that point Peter decided to forego the red-and-blue and wear only the black costume form now on. But Mary-Jane pointed out that the Black costume reminded her of Venom Black costume, and insisting that Peter no longer wear it, that was the last time Peter wore it regularly. However, Peter did put on the black costume for a few special occasions after that. The reason mostly being that it makes him harder to see at night.