The New and The Classic Scarlet Spider-Man Costumes Comparison

The Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly costume (the classic with the blue sleeveless hoodie)has always been one of the most popular Spider-Man costumes because of its fun and quirky design.

Although it was much-maligned and critically-bashed for years afterward, many 1990′s comic book readers have developed fond memories of the Clone Saga. Almost unanimously, readers will agree that the high point of this era of Spider-Man was the introduction of Ben Reilly, Peter Parker’s clone who would temporarily take his mantle as the Sensational Spider-Man. Ben Reilly’s following was strong enough that despite his death in the comics over a decade ago, fans still clamor for his return and demand new toys and statues of the character. As you may have guessed, I love this character and I love his design.

Scarlet Spiderman Ben Reilly Costume

The new Scarlet Spider costume was announced for The Amazing Spider-Man Costumes. For those who do not know the history, the Scarlet Spider was the evil clone of Peter Parker who was created by the Jackal to fight and defeat Spider-Man but was eventually reformed. The official statement says: “In Spider-Man comics, a reformed evil clone of Peter Parker now patrols the streets of Houston, Texas. This is the costume he wears.”

The suit is much like a divers suit, zips up. Diver's suits are skin tight to allow your body to stay warm. The reason is because Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man are 2 totally different people, Kaine, the newest Scarlet is a clone of Peter. And the mask and feet? They also again act like a Diver Suit. There are special skin tight boots and masks for one to wear. It's easy to apply the physics of a suit if you think about it.

So which one is your favorate, the Classic Scalet Spider-Man Costume or with hoodie or the New Scarlet Zip up Suit?