Spider-Man Best Alternate Costumes

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Which is your favorite alternative Spider-Man costume; suits worn by Peter Parker do not count?
This really makes you realize how many there have been.

Apart from the classic Spandex Spiderman Suit, the black and white suit, I like the Iron Spider suit and the Tron stealth suit, but if I came back a week or two from now I'd probably choose something else. I loved the black suit, but hated it a lot too as more often than not it was blue. Same with the 2099 suit, it's supposed to be black and would look a lot better. Don't worry, I get why it happens, it happened to the original after all, it's just a shame it can spoil the look at times.

Here are some Poll Results of most popular Spiderman alternate costumes according to a Spiderman fan forum.

1. Ben Reilly's costume
Ben Reilly Spider-Man Classic Red and Blue Suit
Ben Reilly Spider-Man
 Spider-Man Black Suit
Spider-Man 3 Movie Costume

3. The Scarlet Spider Costume
Scarlet Spider Costume
Scarlet Spider Suit

Spider-Man 2099 costume
Spider-Man 2099

5. Iron Spider-Man Costume
Iron Spider-Man Costume
Iron Spider