The Most Marvelous Spider-Man Costumes - Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly Spider-Man Costume

Ben Reilly Spider-Man

Taking over the role of Spider-Man from Peter Parker, Ben wanted to add his own touch. A new take on an old classic, Ben Reilly did a little revamp on Peter Parker's iconic Spiderman costume before hitting the streets as Spider-Man. He added a bigger spider, did a little rearranging of the red and blue and tossed the web shooters on the outside. All this together gave a fresh new look to everyone's friendly neighborhood web-swinger while still preserving the spirit of the original get-up. And if you like this costume, you should check out amazing spider girl costume—what's that they say about fashion going in cycles? SPIDER-GIRL #44—Peter Parker recounts the story of Ben Reilly to his daughter May, aka Spider-Girl!
Mayday Parker Spider-Girl

First Appearance: SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v1 #0 (1996)
Last Seen In: PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN #75 (1996)

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