The Amazing Alternative Spider-Man-2

2. Zombie Spider-Man

First appearance:
Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)
Created by:
Stan Lee
Steve Ditko

In an alternate universe, earth’s greatest heroes become infected with a virus, turning them into flesh-craving zombies. But unlike Romero’s shuffling hordes, Zombie Spider-Man is capable of experiencing emotion; in particular, he suffers from incurable guilt, unable to forgive himself for devouring Aunt May and Mary Jane – two women that every other Spider-Man has endlessly protected.
In later stories, his taboo cravings diminish, and he eventually turns against his undead kin and becomes a hero more worthy of the name Spider-Man.

Spider-Ham Sometimes superheroes are rebooted to make them grittier, sexier, more mature. Sometimes, they’re rebooted to make them resemble farmyard animals. Peter Porker was born a humble spider, until one day he was bitten by an irradiated scientist called May Porker, who had just created the world’s first atomic hairdryer. This is the strange origin of Spider-Ham. The character first appeared in 1983’s Marvel Tails, a collection of stories aimed at children, featuring animal parodies of other well-known heroes from the Marvel stable (forgive me), including Captain Americat and Goose Rider.

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