The Amazing Alternative Spider-Man-1

1. Skrull Spider-Man
amazing skull spider man 

Super Name: Skrull Spider-Man
Publisher: Marvel
Gender: Male
Character Type: Alien
1st Appearance: Secret Invasion #1
Appears in: Secret Invasion 2008 Marvel 3 issues
            Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man 2008 Marvel 1 issue
            Secret Invasion Chronicles 2009 Marvel 1 issue
            Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man 2009 Marvel 1 issue
            Secret Invasion: Home Invasion 2009 Marvel 1 issue
            Mitos 2010 Panini Comics 1 issue
            Secret Invasion 2009 Marvel 1 issue
Died: Secret Invasion #8

"They called themselves Skrulls! But, by any name, they were a band of the most dangerous menaces Earth had ever faced! They are able to change their appearances at will!"
Marvel's huge crossover comic event Secret Invasion featured a wide-spread invasion of Earth by the shape-shifting Skrulls. Every Marvel character came under close scrutiny as many heroes were discovered to be dupes. Even though Spider-Man is not a major player in Secret Invasion, the image of Skrull Spider-Man is still awesome.
Skrull Spiderman Vs Skrul Wolvrine

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