Spider Girl and Her Costume

spider girl #69

 Mayday Parker, the future daughter of Spider-Man, at first, she was just SPIDER-GIRL, and then she became the AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL, and then went in THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL. Here is Spider Girl "Mayday" In her Classic Red and Blue Spandex Spider Girl Costume.
spidergirlRed and Blue Spider girl Costume
The Spider-Girl series ended with its 100th issue, giving it the record for the longest running title Marvel Comics has ever had that starred a female protagonist and was not a team book. Later on, Mayday got to star in the new series The Amazing Spider-Girl and now Spider Girl Costume was slightly altered. Rather than the webs solidly wrapping around her torso, she now had sloping areas of black/blue extending from her sleeves. It's a nice touch, highlighting her body's shape while also making the suit a bit more slimming, which isn't really a superhero concern but is a nice touch, eh?
spider girl new costume

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