My Top 5 Alternate Spider-Man Costumes

Peter Parker In the movie of The Amazing Spider-Man wears a new classic red and blue Spiderman costume. He keeps changing his suits from time to time, and I decided to put together a list of my top five favorite Spider-Man alternate costumes.

  5) Alex Ross movie concept Costume

It's not the classic blue and red but it is a fresh take on a very familiar character. It’s a mixture of the black symbiote costume with the iconic red web classic costume.

4) Scarlet Spider-Man Costume
classic scarlet spider man and 2012 new ultimate scarlet spider man

One thing I like the Scarlet Spider design is that it actually looks like something I would have, the suit is simple red, but the spider hoodie is effective.

 3) Last Stand Costume
The Last Stand Spider-Man Costume
The “Last Stand” costume was first introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #498-500. The simplified, looser-fitting jacket and slacks feels more like a uniform and less a costume.

2) Spider-Man 2099 Costume
Spider-Man 2099 Costume

With darker future comes, new Spider-Man Miguel O’Hara got the darker 2099 costume. There were claws and sharp scallops on the wrists. The traditional blue and red color scheme became much darker. It’s even got a skull on the front.

1) Black Symbiote Spider-Man Costume
Black Symbiote Spider-Man
The best of all Spidey alternate costumes. Spider-Man would switch back and forth between black and classic red and blues until the arrival of Venom scaring MJ so much that she asks Peter to stop wearing that same black suit.
What’s your favorite alternate Spider-Man Costume?

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