Alternate Costumes in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions features four dimensions (Amazing, Noir, 2099, and Ultimate), each representing a different interpretation of the Spider-Man character found in Marvel comics. This represents a serious departure for Spider-Man games, as almost all of them have been set exclusively in the main "universe" of Marvel comics. The game features a first-person mode in which you have to use the sticks to dodge and punch your foes. This mode only occurs in boss fights.
All Alternate costumes in the game are available to unlock in the game's Web of Destiny except the Cosmic Spider-Man costumes which are available as downloadable content.

The Amazing Spider-Man Morph Suit New Spider-Man 4 Costume

  • The Bombastic Bagman
  • Secret War Spider-Man
  • Scarlet Spider

Noir Costumes:
Black Spiderman Costume

  • Noir Original Concept
  • Spider-Man 1602
  • Negative Zone Suit

Spider Man 2099 Costume

  • Flipside
  • Spider Armor
  • Iron Spider

Ultimate Costumes:
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Electro-Proof Spider-Man
  • Mangaverse Spider-Man
Cosmic Spider-Man:
A version of "Cosmic Spider-Man", apparently reimagining of the time Peter Parker became host to the Captain Universe power, is available for all four dimensions of Spider-Man. These costumes are available as downloadable content.