Spider-Man Best Alternate Costumes

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Which is your favorite alternative Spider-Man costume; suits worn by Peter Parker do not count?
This really makes you realize how many there have been.

Apart from the classic Spandex Spiderman Suit, the black and white suit, I like the Iron Spider suit and the Tron stealth suit, but if I came back a week or two from now I'd probably choose something else. I loved the black suit, but hated it a lot too as more often than not it was blue. Same with the 2099 suit, it's supposed to be black and would look a lot better. Don't worry, I get why it happens, it happened to the original after all, it's just a shame it can spoil the look at times.

Here are some Poll Results of most popular Spiderman alternate costumes according to a Spiderman fan forum.

1. Ben Reilly's costume
Ben Reilly Spider-Man Classic Red and Blue Suit
Ben Reilly Spider-Man
 Spider-Man Black Suit
Spider-Man 3 Movie Costume

3. The Scarlet Spider Costume
Scarlet Spider Costume
Scarlet Spider Suit

Spider-Man 2099 costume
Spider-Man 2099

5. Iron Spider-Man Costume
Iron Spider-Man Costume
Iron Spider


  1. Your missing some like Spider-man Noir and Spiderman 1602 Iron spider The new Suit he wears in the fantastic four when he replaces The Human Torch, Idk the name of the suit but its black and has a green spider on it or the black one with an orange spider or the black one with the red spider, and what about the newest ones of all the one in the new Amazing Spider-man movie or the suit the new guy wears after Spider-man Dies?????????????????

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