Review: Amazing Spider-Man

I went to the midnight premiere for the Amazing Spider-Man.

I did not like the trilogy because of the lack comedy and tie ins from the comics. I also had great doubts about this movie. But all was good, no...AMAZING! 

Andrew Garfield was an absolutely drop dead outstanding choice for Peter Parker. I didn't see someone try to play Peter Parker, I saw Peter Parker. Emma Stone was also a wonderful, important part of the movie. Rhys Ifans as Dr. Connors was absolutely brilliant and his transformations as the lizards could not be any more creepy! Marc Webb owned Spider-Man with the fight sequences and web slinging. The best Stan Lee cameo of all time.  Webbs version was overall way better than Raimi's depiction! The movie stuck with every comic book aspect including the web cartridges and Peter's first love Gwen Stacy. A must see movie and it does stick in your mind for a bit.

I also love the new Spiderman costume design. So I searched on the internet for some relipca.  
Which one do you think looks better?

I guess you can search for Spiderman morphsuits to get more.

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